Molokai Co-Op 55+ Community
1 Hawaiian Way - Leesburg, Florida

Office Hours: 
Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm





All pictures of the entrance of our community.

Are you looking for a retirement home, getaway, "snowbirds’ nest, or do you just want to learn about an affordable way of living, then Molokai is the place to start. 

Molokai is resident owned since 1995.
We are a small community centrally located in the state of Florida.
Most homes come with a share or membership interest in the corporation.
Democratically managed a one home, one share, one vote community. 

Sales                                                 I went through the Park, but some did not get put on the original list, like 163 and 205, mowing is needed for these. Some folks called about not being able and not having the medical capacity to actually do their lawns, with all due respect, many owners here pay someone else to get this lawn requirement done, please find someone to do your lawn. Some folks stated I made other number mistakes, but there was only 1, 241 does not exist, so that will be taken off. Just remember, this was an FYI, to help on the need of lawn car for the Park. Thank you all again....